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Massage Support for Hamstring Injuries

Whether you are an athlete, a weekend warrior, or simply an active individual, you can thank your multi-tasking hamstrings for your ability to kick, jump, run, sprint, climb and execute […]

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What Are Trigger Points and How Are They Effectively Treated?

What Are Trigger Points and How Are They Effectively Treated?

Exercising too hard, working too long as a rigorous job, or even motor vehicle accidents can produce trigger points in muscles. […]

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Massage and Sports Injuries

Massage and Sports Injuries

Every single sport, from football to golf to swimming to ping pong, carries with it the potential for injury. Any time you move your body, especially in […]

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Massage and Stress

The advances of today’s world have benefited mankind in numerous ways, but modern society is also responsible for a very dangerous condition – stress. It would be a rare person […]

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Pregnancy Massage


Pregnancy is one of the best times for a woman to use massage. Although expecting a baby is a joyous time as you wait for the new family member to […]

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Massage and Migraines / Headaches

Although headaches can range from slightly irritating right up to headaches that feel as though your skull was bursting open, they all have one thing in common – we want […]

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Massage and Sports

Massage plays a part in every form of sport or exercise. Unfortunately, many people believe aches and pains are an inevitable consequence to activity. But massage can actually reduce or […]

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Why Should Everyone Get a Regular Massage?

Tired, Sore & Stressed out?
Most people would agree a massage makes them feel good. But many probably don’t realise exactly how good a regular massage is for their overall health. […]

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