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A Personal Message from John Stamoulos

Welcome to the Somatic Services website.
Throughout my life, I have pursued a passion for health and fitness that has given me a professional career, personal well-being and a lifestyle that keeps me balanced and fit. Paying attention to what my body is telling me has helped me make course corrections and tweaks that enable optimum health for me. It has also been a guide to the most innovative and leading-edge health trends that I explore and use in my practice.

My Integral Massage approach combines the best of what I have learned and delivers it to you so that you can maintain well-being and full mobility throughout your life. The body is not just a collection of parts but is a finely attuned instrument that requires sensitivity, connection and knowledge to keep it operating at its full capacity.

Whether you are seeking healing for chronic or acute issues or you are looking for tension release, relief from body injury or soreness, it is my privilege to offer my Integral Massage services to help continuing health and flexibility be your reality.


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Our Clients

Fusion Massage

Whether it is Remedial, Swedish, holistic massage, sports massage, deep tissue massage, myofascial release, you can expect a blended experience of some of these effective procedures during your session. Your body knows what it needs and my massage techniques provide the skill and intuitive connection to read the messages it is sending.

My approach to your massage experience can support healing for such conditions as:

» Headaches   » Insomnia   » Swelling
» Body pain such as shoulders, neck, knee, or back
» Muscle tension in glutes / hamstrings / quads / calves
» Body sprains or strains

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