Deep Tissue Massage Benefits

Deep Tissue Massage Benefits

Similar, but more comprehensive than a Swedish massage, deep tissue massage allows the massage therapist to reach more completely into the muscles and connective tissues to provide relief from chronic conditions. There should be little or no pain involved in receiving a deep tissue massage, but the client should be aware that you will ‘feel’ this type of massage to a greater degree than you will a more conventional massage.

Relief for Sore Muscles and Much, Much More

Undoubtedly most people seek deep tissue massage for problems with their muscles. Sports activities, work, or even ordinary daily life can cause the muscles to become torn and strained. Deep tissue massage is especially effective at dealing with discomfort of this kind. However, this kind of massage is not only good for bringing more blood and oxygen to sore muscles, but it also provides other benefits:

    • Those who use their hands for repetitive tasks, such as typing or woodworking, often develop carpal tunnel syndrome. As the carpal tunnel becomes inflamed, it presses on the median nerve, causing pain and numbness in the fingers, hands, wrist, and lower arm. Deep tissue massage can help to increase circulation and help to reduce swelling.
    • Lower back pain is the bane of many people’s lives. This pain has a number of causes, the most common being from damaged spinal discs or torn ligaments. It has been proven that deep tissue massage can relieve most if not all of lower back pain as long as it is done regularly for several months.
    • Those who are suffering from a combination of muscular pain and stress will find that these problems can be alleviated by deep tissue massage. It is well known that massage releases endorphins into the system, which negate the effects of the stress hormones cortisol and adrenaline. The increased circulation that will occur in the muscle tissues will also help to heal any damaged muscle fibres as well – endorphins are also natural painkillers.
    • Bodybuilding is a serious avocation and makes heavy demands on the practitioner’s body. During a heavy workout, not only will muscles experience small tears (this is normal and actually helps to build stronger muscles as the fibre’s heal), but they will also build up an excess of lactic acid, which results in fatigue. Deep muscle massage not only helps to bring more blood to damaged muscles, but it also helps to remove lactic acid to return the muscle to a more normal state.
    • Adhesions and scar tissue are normal bodily reactions to injuries. Every time your body is injured in some way, collagen is produced at the site to strengthen it. Unfortunately, excess collagen can cause trouble itself, as scar tissue is hard and inflexible. These attempts of the body to repair itself can actually lead to muscle atrophy. Post-surgery adhesions can be very painful and often further surgery is required to remove them; which can lead to more adhesions. Deep tissue massage is one very effective way to break up adhesions. Restricted blood flow is restored with massage and the adhesions are actually broken down to improve flexibility and relieve pain.
    • Strains are injuries to the muscle tissue itself or to the tendon that attaches the muscle to the bone. Strains generally occur when repetitive motion, such as often accompanies exercise or sports, causes the muscle to become torn or stretched. Strains cause pain, bruising, and swelling and can range from mild to severe, depending on the extent of the tearing. Deep tissue massage is very useful in helping strains of all grades to heal more quickly; the increased supply of oxygen and antibodies to the damaged muscle and/or tendon accelerate cellular repair and regrowth. A deep tissue massage also helps to remove excess fluid from the site, reducing swelling.
    • Many people do not realize how stressed they actually are until they receive a deep tissue massage and experience the difference before and after. Deep tissue massages can last for up to an hour and the deep, slow, rhythmic strokes of the massage therapist can help to release tension and relax tight muscles.

Deep tissue massage is useful for nearly anyone who requires a bit more treatment than will be found in a regular Swedish or light massage. Athletes and bodybuilders will find that deep tissue massage is perfect at helping to treat abused and damaged muscles, and regular massages will not only hasten return to the activity, but will also improve performance in the future.

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