How Massage Therapy Can Keep Your Cells Healthy Part 4 of 4

How Massage Therapy Can Keep Your Cells Healthy Part 4 of 4

Taking Out the Trash – Removal of Cellular Waste Products



Constant cleansing of the cells of the body is a crucial a biological process for your optimum health. It is as important and necessary as it is for you to keep your home orderly, free of debris and clean.  Without cleanliness in your home, you would surely be buried in your own trash and your living space would be choked with unhealthy, decomposing materials that would invite disease and would compromise your health. Similarly, the waste products from your body’s cellular activity also need to be removed in order to maintain a neat and tidy environment for the growth, function and well-being of the cells in your body.


Cellular Cleansing

The ‘body trash’ we produce is made up of byproducts from cellular metabolic processes that keep us alive. These activities include cellular respiration, the breaking down of proteins and fats (catabolism) and the building up and growth processes (anabolism). The waste products that are produced from these activities are a cornucopia of materials including salts, phosphates, sulfates, urea, water, nitrogen compounds, lactic acid, acetic acid, carbon dioxide and ammonia.

As well, additional waste products are produced from compartments (organelles) within the cells that age and wear out. These organelles are processed into waste products by digestive enzymes in the cells (lysosomes) that break down the bacteria, viruses and other material the cell has absorbed that are infectious or can cause disease.

Eventually all these waste materials are ‘bundled up’ and ‘put out’ for pick up by ‘lymph’, the trash collector. The flow of lymph which comes from the lymphatic system is responsible for carrying the cellular metabolic wastes from the cells and bringing it to the blood where the wastes are removed through nodes and glands of the body.


How massage encourages the waste product removal process

A sports massage stimulates the lymphatic system by using long deep strokes to help increase and stimulate the flow of lymph in the body. Similarly, effleurage (the use of flattened hands and fingers with firm, one directional strokes) and skin rolling (skin is picked up and rolled between fingers) are other techniques that support this same lymphatic flow which increases of the removal of waste products in the body.


What’s in It for You?

When the cells are cleared of waste, they function optimally and the whole body benefits.

  • muscles become healthier
  • fatigue is less during activity.
  • pain, swelling and the effects of surgery can also be reduced
  • prevention of such debilitating diseases as Alzheimer’s (one cause of which is excess buildup of proteins in the cells) can be encouraged
  • inhibition of the production of some cancer cells that are the result of abnormal protein production
  • reduction of signs of aging


Massage is a powerful tool to have in your health arsenal. Use it and support your cells to continue to serve you well.


To your health,


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