Can Massage Therapy Help With Knee Pain?

Can Massage Therapy Help With Knee Pain?

Massage therapy: why do it?

Patients who have undergone knee surgery or who are struggling with debilitating knee pain are looking for a pain management technique that is natural, effective, and safe. Massage therapy is often the answer for many people. With the benefits this provides, it’s no wonder why.

Why do my knees hurt?

 It is pretty important to take care of your knees since they work in partnership with your legs. We cannot run, walk, pet a cute pup, kick a ball with the kids, climb into bed after a long day, or make our friends laugh with humiliating dance moves without the benefit of knees that work well. So, when your knees begin to hurt, it can make you feel debilitated and frustrated.

Knee pain indicates that your knees are damaged in some way. Often, knee injuries are caused by an isolated event such as an accident that tore a ligament or broke a bone. Knee function decline can also result from the normal wear and tear caused by aging. In general, every human body weakens over time, and its tissues and connections tend to become more fragile as we age. As well, loss of knee function can be caused by playing many sports or engaging in other frequent, repetitive physical activities.

Additionally, certain medical conditions can also cause pain in the knees and reduce mobility. The most common of these are:

  • Osteoarthritis
  • Arthritis rheumatoid
  • Hemophilia
  • Gout
  • Bone dysplasia
  • Lack of blood supply causes the bone to die in the knee
  • Deformities of the knee that result in cartilage loss

NOTE: If you suffer from knee pain, a doctor can determine the cause and the best treatment. You shouldn’t ignore knee pain. If it persists, seek medical attention before you cause yourself further harm.


Treatment for knee pain is determined by the cause and severity of the condition. Minor strains and injuries may require rest at home. If swelling is too high, your knee may need to be elevated, iced, or wrapped in compression bandages. You can control the minor pains with over-the-counter pain medication, or if the pain is intense, your doctor may prescribe something stronger.

If the knee injury is severe enough, it may require physiotherapy. You will be given exercises that you can perform exercises at home or under the guidance of a physical therapist.


Benefits of Massage Therapy for Knee Pain

Because many of the commonly prescribed treatments for knee pain have side effects and some are of limited benefit, many people are left searching for alternative options. One such treatment is knee massage and this approach can have a number of benefits including:

  • Bringing blood flow to the joint
  • Improving circulation in the area
  • Reducing the swelling
  • Bringing in new joint fluid
  • Reducing overall pain and stiffness

Massage may also help improve the tone and increase the overall flexibility of the muscles that lend support and stability to the affected 

You are not alone if you suffer from knee pain. Most Australians will struggle with the debilitating symptoms of knee pain at some point, whether due to an accident, overuse, or simply aging. In addition to being uncomfortable, it’s often prevents you from doing the things you love. That’s why prompt treatment is important.



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