Can Massage Help Your Hip Flexors? Why That Might Be Important For Your Health

Can Massage Help Your Hip Flexors? Why That Might Be Important For Your Health

The muscle group that lies in the pelvic region and upper thighs are known as the hip flexors. These muscles help us raise and bend our knees while keeping the legs and pelvis aligned. The ability to sit or run is lost without these flexors.

Research tells us that when your hip muscles are not strong enough, it can result in slower performance during any motion or exercise. The body is capable of compensating for the weakness of the flexor muscles. However, if this is continued for longer durations of time, it can cause an imbalance between the reflector muscles and the hips. This  causes most injuries during strenuous physical activities or sports.

How hip massage therapy can benefit you, and how is it important for your health?

Hip massage can give you a permanent solution to all your hip-related sports injuries or hip-related health. Here are a few benefits of massage therapy:

  • Decreased lower back pain and hip pain.
  • Increased circulation of blood, thus, healing damaged and injured tissues.
  • Rise in feelings of well-being is secondary to the release of hormones that help the person feel good.
  • Better sleep.
  • Better quality of life and increased relaxation.
  • Elevated range of hip motion and increased tolerance for weight-bearing activities.
  • A wonderful supplement to other options of treatments like flexor stretching, hip exercises, or foam rolling.
  • Improved lower body health in the glute, hamstrings, quads, and hip muscles for improved alignment and coordination with everyday activities.

Three Techniques of massage that can help your hip flexors:

Not managing the pain can affect your quality of life substantially. Hip flexor massage therapies are an excellent option for addressing the pain of the large muscles that are grouped around the hips.

Trying certain specific techniques that your massage therapist will use to help relieve hip pain:

  1. Myofascial Release Massage: This technique provides stability for the entire body through the connection of the muscle on the truck into a functional system. The application of light to moderate pressure helps decrease the stiffness throughout the hips, lower back, and the entire body. This also alleviates pain in specific regions of the abdomen and pelvis.
  2. Deep-tissue Massage: This technique comprises the application of moderate to strong pressure on the large muscle groups, including the psoas and quad muscles. Identifying the sore spots and using a strong hand or even a simple massage tool like a foam roller, muscle roller stick, or a massage ball can help you decrease pain or create changes in muscle tensions.
  3. Trigger-point Massage: This technique involves applying continuous pressure to a particular muscular knot or sore spot for long periods of time. This technique helps the elastic fibers of the muscles reset and relax. This improves overall muscle health while reducing muscle stiffness.

Hip flexor massage is a conventional technique that can help give you immediate relief from pain and stiffness while providing you long-term benefits for recovery from certain injuries. It works best when combined with other treatment methods, including stretching, exercise, foam rolling, and many more techniques.

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