About the “Somatic” in Massage Therapy

About the “Somatic” in Massage Therapy

‘Somatic’ is an adjective that is defined as “relating to the body as distinct from the mind” – however, the body and mind are a cohesive mechanism through which your life force flows that offers a precision healing path for emotional and well as physical impairments.


As much as massage therapy is a physical manipulation of the body, this article, taken from  https://balancedrockbodyworks.com/massage-therapy-and-emotional-release/ offers a refresher in the ancient knowledge that physical pain is also intimately linked to emotional distress. It is worth considering that the physical pain you are experiencing that inspires you to set up a massage treatment might well be related to tension or stress you could be carrying from unresolved emotional issues.

Enjoy the read from the link above and consider allowing yourself the healing experience of physically balancing your body while you also let go of emotional pain that is stored in the cells of your body and no longer serves your wellbeing:


“Emotions that we do not process and release become trapped in the tissues of the body where they can end up causing pain, decreased range of motion, and other ailments. The Asian and other cultures have recognized this capacity of the human body for centuries.

The human body is an incredible recording device that holds onto every sight, sound, taste, touch and emotion we encounter in our lives. When we hold onto emotions, our bodies develop a tension around them to keep our hold on them until we are ready to process and release them. Negative emotions can cause many responses in our bodies, including ailments.”

Oftentimes emotional release that happens in [through massage] provides valuable insights for the people getting massages. At times, though, there is just a deep sense of release accompanied by a lightness as if a weight had been lifted off. Most massage therapists are not trained to assist with the emotional therapy involved with these releases.”


Heal your body, heal your mind


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