A Healthy Side Benefit of Seeing a Massage Therapist

A Healthy Side Benefit of Seeing a Massage Therapist

Regular visits to your massage therapist can provide an ongoing assessment of the hard-to-see places on your body where skin damage can harbour dermatological issues such as moles that might be precursors to skin cancers.


No matter how much of a contortionist you might be, it is not possible to clearly view areas of your body such as your back or the back of your neck where sun exposure can generate favourable conditions where melanomas can develop.


In addition to all the health benefits that a massage therapy session can provide, your therapist has the skills to notice changes in your skin that might require further examination by a dermatologist.  It could literally save your life.


Enjoy the positive side effects of your regular therapeutic massage and be thankful for  your therapist whose eyes have a perspective that can maintain your optimal wellbeing too!


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