A Fascinating Look at Our Cells and Why Massage is Vital to Cellular Health

A Fascinating Look at Our Cells and Why Massage is Vital to Cellular Health

Were you aware just how enormous the cellular structure in our body really is?  On average, science has determined that our population of cells within our body totals somewhere around 37 trillion that includes some 50 billion fat cells, two billion heart muscle cells and 240 billion cells in a healthy liver!

Cells are the basic building blocks of all the systems and organs in the human body. They cells work together with similar cells to form tissues and tissues band together to form different organs and other functional materials in our bodies. There are hundreds of types of cells including stem cells, blood cells, fat cells, nerve cells, skin cells, bone cells and muscle cells to name just a few … and they all function in basically the same way having a nucleus with its own ‘brain’ and its kind of ‘breath’ that takes in nutrients and oxygen and discards waste materials. This flow in and out of cells is known as cellular exchange is vital to cellular health and thus to our body’s overall health.

Massage and Cellular Health

When cellular exchange increases, muscles become healthier and stronger and are less likely to fatigue and weaken. Waste products and toxins are removed through the lymph flow. The lymph flow is part of the lymphatic system. Healthy nutrients and oxygen are brought to the muscles through blood flow which is part of blood circulation. A massage encourages an increase in blood circulation and stimulates the lymphatic system. Increasing the flow of blood and stimulation of the lymphatic system through massage increases cellular exchange. Increasing cellular exchange can help reduce swelling, pain and can speed up healing.


The article link below explains in greater detail just how massage techniques are used to keep the flow and the life of the cells in top condition. 


With the backdrop of the sheer vast population of cells in the body, each one needing to function optimally for overall health and vitality, one can never look at the significance and brilliance of massage in quite the same way again.  


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