Healthy Sleep Through Massage Therapy

Healthy Sleep Through Massage Therapy

Regular periods of sleep are key to a healthy body and a clear mind, as it is during sleep that your body renews itself ~Daily Om


It seems that sleep is the greatest variable in our busy lives. If we have too much to do that cannot fit into a regular day, sleep is the area that we often sacrifice. We can work into the early hours of the morning, sleep a few hours and wake up to face a new day of demands on less than half the sleep that is considered healthy. Should these practices become habitual, life can rapidly become unbalanced and health issues might also follow, not the least of which is chronic insomnia and lack of restful sleep.

Regular and consistent periods of wakefulness and sleep are key ingredients to fostering a healthy body and a clear mind. It is during sleep that your body renews itself ~ Daily Om

It is important to recognize that sleep is a vital restorative process that engenders optimal body functions and clear, alert mental processes.

The link below expresses how massage therapy can be a crucial link to our ability to engage in restful, restorative and quality sleep that is vital for our physical and mental health.  It provides information about the benefits of massage therapy in promoting healthy sleep and avoiding the dreaded insomnia. Massage therapy provides relief from pain and stress. It improves blood circulation and stimulates mood-boosting hormones that help you relax which can translate into restful sleep.

The article notes, “A growing body of research indicates that massage therapy is beneficial in combating insomnia, as well as the many chronic conditions that contribute to this sleep disorders.”

In addition to delivering deep relaxation,  massage can increase serotonin which is a vital neurotransmitter for activating the area of the brain known to promote quality sleep. The brain also uses serotonin to produce melatonin which is the ‘slow-down the brain’ hormone. As well, delta brain waves which promotes the deepest sleep state increases as a result of massage.


Overall, massage is a vital tool to keep you healthy and make sure you get the quality of z-z-z-z-z’s you need for your optimum wellbeing.



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