Get Stretched Like A Cat – Myofascial Massage to Free Your Body

Get Stretched Like A Cat – Myofascial Massage to Free Your Body



When injury or chronic issues with your back, shoulders, hips or other areas of the body causes pain and loss of flexibility or function, it is usually the soft connective tissue in the affected area that is in need of attention. Pain can result when connective tissue called fascia become bound up causing contractions of muscle fibers as well as restricted blood flow in the tightened area. When your body hurts, myofascial therapy can help restore your mobility and relieve your pain.


Fascia are the fibrous bands of tissue that surround all muscles, tendons, ligaments, bones and organs throughout the body. Small wonder then that focusing on fascia is a huge part of healing body pain.  The good news is that because of the flexible material of which they are made, fascia respond positively to stretching. When fascia become hardened through experiences such as chronic poor posture or physical or emotional trauma, smooth and flowing body actions are compromised. Because fascia can be softened through stretching, the lost elasticity can be restored which allows the body to return to its former free-moving function.


Release techniques in Myofascial release is the name given to the type of massage therapy that involves applying force in opposite directions and using increasingly stronger pressure to stretch the facia and relax the muscle.


“The key to releasing tightness, soothing aches, and freeing your body is in your fascia. “



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