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Massage Therapy to Heal Scar Tissue

Each day as we walk, run, sit, bend, lift or rest, our body’s complex web of fascia, ligaments and tendons work synergistically to help those movements occur. Strung in perfect balance and function throughout our structure, these connective tissues stretch, tighten and hold as needed when we engage our daily activities.  Ideally movement is smooth and painless but injury, surgery and other damage can cause disruptions to this inner network inhibiting motion and causing discomfort. Such constrictions are the [...]

Special Notice from Somatic Services

Regarding changes to the Covid-19 Restrictions in Australia
as of May 22, 2022

With Covid-19 lockdown restrictions being lifted in Australia, Somatic Massage Therapy Services in Adelaide is fully open for business. However, Covid-19 is still at pandemic status and there is an urgent need to remain vigilant and conscious of everyone’s health and safety. Despite the loosening of Covid-19 restrictions, we at Somatic Services are still committed to the wellbeing of clients and staff. We comply with the highest standards of hygiene by adhering to the following safe practices:

We are also asking for your assistance in helping us continue to provide the safest healing environment for you. We ask that you please follow the new guidelines listed below:

We look forward to seeing you at your next visit. can call us on 0412168411 or Email info@somaticservices.com to book your appointment.

We value your patronage and appreciate all the support and adherence to the restrictions during the Covid-19. It is our mission to provide the most stress-free and Covid-safe place we can so you can heal and enjoy a healthy environment at Somatic Services.