What to Expect

Many people experience anxiety before their first massage therapy visit. It is natural to have a fear of the unknown.

What to expect at your first visit…

  • Try not to eat a large meal before your massage, because your body will be directing its energy to digestion and you may become chilled or uncomfortable.

  • Wear or bring comfortable clothing for after the massage. There may be a little residual cream from the massage that you don’t want to have to worry about getting on your dress clothes.

  • When you call to make your appointment, please let us know if it is a Workcover or Third Party Claim.

  • Upon arrival at our clinic, you will be asked to complete a Patient Information Form. This information will help us to customize your session.

  • In the treatment room, lighting is dim in order to allow you to relax.

  • Specially selected stress-relieving music plays, but always feel free to bring your own music or ask to have to the music changed if it does not suit you.

  • Your therapist will leave the room to prepare for your massage, and you will be instructed to remove your clothing and get on the massage table under a towel. Your modesty will be protected at all times.

  • As your therapist works, they will uncover body parts to be massaged, never working any private areas or genitals.

  • In a full body massage, scalp, face, neck and shoulders will be massaged. The therapist may massage just under the collarbone at the Pectoralis muscle. Arms and hands will be massaged. Massage of abdominal muscles is a wonderful aid to digestion. The front of the legs, feet, back of the legs, posterior hip (gluteal) and back will also be massaged.

  • For those not receiving full body massage, targeted areas of tension or soreness will be massaged, working the individual muscles specifically.

  • Massage pressure is specifically tailored to your body. We never massage so deeply that you feel the need to hold your breath or tense your body. We will ask you for feedback about the pressure several times during the massage. Please be honest!

  • After the massage, the therapist will leave the treatment room while you get dressed. We will then discuss your experience, what you may expect during the next day or so and if a plan of specifically scheduled massages is indicated.

  • You will be reminded to drink LOTS of water during the next 24 hours, because massage moves some of the muscle metabolic by-products into circulation faster than usual, and the water will help to flush your system.

If you have questions, comments or feedback at any time during your visit, you are encouraged to discuss them with your therapist. With communication and feedback, your massage therapy visit will be a positive, pleasant experience.